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Turn your backyard into the best get-away destination

In today’s hectic pace of life, we all dream of a place where we can escape and step away from it all. Why not create something stunning right on your backyard, where you can unwind, relax and spend time with loved ones. Let Scandia Canada Ltd. help turn your backyard into the luxurious and comfortable outdoor oasis you deserve and have always dreamt of!

Our sunrooms have retractable glass panels that make your space adaptable for all seasons. You can move panels to a fully-open position to let fresh air flow in to feel like you are outdoors.

When closed, the glass wall prevents water, snow and debris from getting in. It also allows you to keep your patio furniture there year-round or start your growing season early. Aesthetically- pleasing and easy to maintain, our sunrooms are made of materials that will last and are installed by our experienced technicians.

We understand that your style and requirements are unique and that’s why we offer customized solutions for homeowners. To create a three-season sunroom, we can :

  • Build a full sunroom including the cover with impressive retractable glass walls
  • If you already have a roof, we can enclose the sides with retractable glass walls

Frameless retractable bi-folding glass panels slide and pivot inward. They allow unobstructed views of your surroundings.

Multi-track sliding glass wall system is easy to use, panels slide effortlessly on multiple tracks and can be used for large openings.

We are excited to also offer Heat Insulated Multi-Track sliding glass wall systems! Multi-track sliding glass walls come in single or double pane, depending on your need and preference. Double pane walls provide four times more insulation than single glass.

Backyard oasis

Imagine enjoying leisurely mornings in your sunroom watching the world wake up, entertaining your guests in your beautiful outdoor room even when it rains, stargazing in warm summer evenings – all the while protected from temperatures, rain or mosquitoes.

These affordable additions to your home will boost your property value while creating an inviting new outdoor living space for you and your family to treasure.

Your little ones will love playing “outside” while you can be sure they are safe inside the lockable room. Your pets will appreciate more space and enjoy watching outside world go by.

Regardless of which Scandia Canada Ltd. wall system you choose, you know you have made the right choice!


Install a customized cover for your space.


We can build your sunroom addition from the ground up including the foundation.


Let us transform your balcony into a more enjoyable space.